How Golf Courses Snag a Coveted Spot on Golf Digest’s Top 100 List

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get on the top 100 golf list

Ever wonder how courses & clubs make the Golf Digest Top 100 list? Private Club Marketing breaks down the know how on How to Make Golf Digest Top 100 List.

Recently the country’s “oldest and most respected course ranking” marked its 51st year in circulation, having just celebrated its golden anniversary in 2016. The big news this year is that the scuffle for the much sought-after number one rank has switched from the famed Augusta National in Georgia, to the also exclusive Pine Valley Golf Club in Southern New Jersey. Pine Valley returns to the top from its erstwhile number two position, although it has occupied top billing before in 2009 and 2015.

With all this flip-flopping between the highest ranked courses, one thing is clear—any course in the top handful of Golf Digest’s Top 100 List boasts incredible landscape architecture, service, and artistry in its homage to the game of golf. When the choices are all top-notch, how does the panel of experts make its choice? Read More

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Why content marketing for private clubs needs to be part of your 2017 marketing strategy.

Simply put, it’s the creation and distribution of valuable assets, such as videos, blog posts, and e-newsletters, as marketing tools to attract and retain members and prospects.

For clubs and resorts, these assets showcase your property’s unique story and brand.

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Pipeline Marketing: 3 Ways Golf Clubs Can Improve ROI

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pipeline marketing

Pipeline Marketing is one of the most commonly reported performance metrics for private golf and country clubs. Here are 3 Ways to Measure your ROI.

Resort and Club Member Relations and Marketing Directors point to their pipeline marketing metric with pride because it serves as a sign of accountability and proclaims, “We, as Membership professionals, take our role in our club’s revenue creation process seriously!” Read More

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creative golf marketing

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soho house logo

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